The Charleston Community Band

News for Band Members

Band News for the Fall

Below is the upcoming rehearsal order for Tuesday, October 10. 

When you're practicing, please spend extra time on the following pieces of music.

Warm Up

Der Lehrmeister
        • check all transitions, then run the entire piece

Movement 1, Berceuse

        • from (3) to (4)-balance and also the rallentando before 4
        • run the entire movement;

Movement 6, le Pas Espagnol
        • (7)- check the timing and balance the“pyramids” in this section
        • (4)- balance trumpets and WW’s
        • The last 19 measures, bassclarinets, euphoniums, tubas and upper ww’s on the runs
        • Run the movement;


        • At (123)- (131)- low brass and low WW’s, then horns, tenor sax and 3rd tpt; time the 32nd notes at m. 125
        • At (52)- euphonium, horns, saxes, low clarinets and 3rd clarinets, work to the fermata
        • Run it down

Beatles: Love
        • Check transitions,then run the entire piece

        • Check balance, intonation at the beginning
        • (2)-(6), do the same, especially high WW’s

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming performances:

  • Sunday, November 5th - 4:00 pm, Songs of Life, Love & Laughter, at Christ Church in Mt Pleasant
  • Saturday, December 2nd - Christmas on Daniel Island (more information to come)
  • Monday, December 4th - 7:00/7:30 pm, dress rehearsal at the Summerall Chapel on the Citadel Campus
  • Tuesday, December 5th - 7:00 pm Christmas Concert in the Summerall Chapel

Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsals are Tuesday nights in the Citadel band room from 7:15-9:15 PM. Other rehearsals, such as dress rehearsals and sectionals, may be scheduled as needed by the conductor or section leader. Active members are required to attend rehearsals on a regular basis and are required to attend dress rehearsals for major performances. Members who do not meet these requirements may be barred from the performance. Exceptions may be made by the Section Leader with the concurrence of the Conductor. All members are expected to practice as necessary to learn assigned parts.

Planning for rehearsals and scheduling for concerts is much more effective when the level of participation and instrumentation can be projected. Because of this, regular participation in weekly rehearsals is zealously encouraged. The courtesy of advanced notification to your section leader is greatly appreciated when circumstances prevent your participation in rehearsal or concert.

Call time for concerts (i.e. being there and ready to play) is usually one hour prior to the concert start time. We always appreciate members who are willing to help load the truck at The Citadel band room. This is usually half hour to one hour prior to the call time.

The equipment manager will announce when loading crews are needed and what time to meet at the band room. Volunteers for the loading crew will load equipment to the concert and return it to the band room after the concert. All members who are physically able to participate are expected to volunteer to load equipment throughout the year. Participation by all able members will ensure a fair and equitable distribution of this necessary and vital task.


Concert Dress Code

Informal/Outdoor concerts:
White CCB polo shirt with khaki pants, skirts or shorts

Formal/Indoor concerts:
Men - black suit or tux, black bow tie, white shirt, black dress shoes
Women - black dress or black blouse with black skirt or pants, black hose, black shoes

Music Stand

Please bring a black music stand to all concerts, unless otherwise noted.